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Applications Used in antiX-12 "Edelweißpiratenn"

antiX-12 "Edelweißpiraten" comes with a wide range of applications, most are GUI (Graphical), some are CLI(Command Line).

Graphical Applications (GUI).


  • Default browser is iceweasel.
  • Dillo is a light and fast, but limited alternative.
  • Links2-gui is the graphical option for the cli browser. Fast.


  • claws-mail email client.


  • pidgin Instant messaging.
  • Gftp file transfer.
  • transmission torrent transfer.
  • umt-panel2 (from aptosid) added for GPRS/UMTS/3G
  • adblock to improve internet surfing with low RAM
  • Samba/pyneighborhood


  • Rox-filer.
  • SpaceFM.


  • LibreOffice suite.
  • Geany for advanced text editing.
  • Leafpad for basic text editing.
  • mtpaint for basic image editing.
  • epdfview to open pdf files.
  • mirage to view images.

Audio and Video

  • xmms audio player.
  • goggles music manager to manage audio.
  • asunder to rip audio files.
  • gstreamer2 for audio streams.
  • mhwaveedit for recording and editing sounds.
  • gnormalise audio conversion.
  • mplayer video player.
  • gnome-mplayer video player.

CD/DVD Burners

  • simpleburn


  • Guvcview webcam.
  • gtkam for digital cameras.
  • imagination slideshow maker


New antiX tools include:

  • antiX-system
  • antiX-user management
  • antiX-wallpaper
  • antiX-PC information


  • Gparted partition formatting.
  • Synaptic package manager
  • file-roller archiving.
  • luckybackup back up utility.


  • system-config-printer

Command Line Applications


  • Links2 web browser.
  • Alpine email client.
  • elinks-lite web browser.
  • Irssi irc chat.
  • rtorrent file sharing.
  • newsbeuter RSS reader.


  • mc file manager.
  • feh image viewer.
  • vim
  • zathura pdf reader
  • nano


  • abcde audio ripper.
  • ripit audio ripper.
  • moc audio player.
  • mplayer audio/video player.
  • ffmpeg audio/video encoder.
  • cdw cd/dvd burner


  • MidnightCommander(mc) file manager.
  • Scrot used to take snapshots.
  • partimage backup partitions.
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