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Beginners Guide antiX may seem strange at first, particularly to those used to a KDE or Windows desktop. There is no 'desktop' by default in antiX, though antiX makes it very easy to create one if the user so wishes ie for desktop icons.

The very basics

  • Right-click on the background to open the fluxbox menu.
  • Left-click on the apps in the menu to open.
  • To log-out of the session, click on Exit in the menu. This takes you back to the login screen.

Playing Audio

To play an audio cd, pop it in your cdplayer, open xmms from Menu>Audio/Video>Music Player

In xmms the first button on the left, opens the xmms menu. Play>PlayAudioCd should automatically start the cd.

To play an audio mp3 or ogg, file, simply left-click on it and xmms opens automatically and starts playing the file.

To increase the volume, menu>Audio/Video>Mixer and click to your desired level. You can do this whilst playing audio.

Playing Video

To play a dvd, put it in your player, then open gXine video player from Menu>Audio/Video>Video Xine

Click on the DVD button in the control panel and the dvd should play.

To play video files eg avi, mpeg, simply left-click on it and xmms or mplayer (depends on the file format) opens automatically and starts playing the file.

Configuring Printer

To configure your printer, antiX comes with HPLIP tools and utilities, (menu>Admin/Tools>Printing) if you have an HP printer. Also you should be able to configure your printer through menu>Admin/Tools>Printing>Printer setup and follow the dialogue.

Network Connection

If antiX did not automatically get you connected to the Interent, have a look at menu>Admin/Tools>Mepis Admin>Network.

Post-Install Configurations

  • antiX comes with the MEPIS Utilities to make configuration of hardware easy. Have a look at Msystem in menu>Admin/Tools>Mepis Admin>System
  • menu>Admin/Tools>Mepis Admin>User has tools to help add a new user, 'onthego', repair options.
  • Mxconfig menu>Admin/Tools>Mepis Admin>Xconfig for further configuration of monitor, mouse etc.
  • To replace the login screen box with one without the livecd information once installed, simply open a terminal, type sux then root password, rox and navigate to /usr/share/slim/themes/antiX and rename the panel-install.png to panel.png On the next Exit, the new panel will show.
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