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Many thanks to OU812.

  • Need a dvd backup program that does not depend on gnome or kde, but can rip any number of titles, audio streams, and subtitle streams?
  • Need a backup program that succeeds when xdvdshrink or k9copy fails?
  • Then lxdvdshrink is for you.
  • This cli app works wonders, but it doesn't do menus.
  • Still interested, then continue.

1. Install the dependencies through apt-get. Open a terminal, become root, and do

  • apt-get install dvdauthor libdvdcss2 lsdvd vamps

2. Download lxdvdshrink

3. Untar lxdvdshrink

su your_user_name cd /path/to/download tar xzvf lxDVDshrink*

4. Edit the "config" file (/path/to/download/lxdvdshrink/usr/local/bin/lxdvdshrink). Here's my example:

  • #!/bin/bash
  • cd /home/john/Downloads/lxdvdshrink/opt/lxDVDshrink
  • ./ "/dev/cdrom1" "/home/john/tmp"
  • exit 0

The second line is the path to the .pl file. The arguments in the third line (in quotes) are the dvd device and the output folder.

5. To run the program

  • /path/to/download/lxdvdshrink/usr/local/bin/lxdvdshrink

6. After backing up your dvd, burn with brasero (data dvd).



NOTE Here's the link to the home page:

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