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If you want to keep your RAM and CPU down, but want to use bittorent, rtorrent is an excellent bittorent client. (installed on antiX)

 #apt-get install rtorrent

Once downloaded, you will need to edit the rtorrent.rc file to suit your needs. Most of the default options are fine. Change the directories where you wish to save your torrents.

Open roxterm or urxvt,


Add a torrent to your torrent folder specified in rtorrent.rc

Navigate to the torrent you wish to seed in rtorrent

 press Enter type the directory eg /home/antiX/Torrents.

Use TAB (once) for autocompletion TAB(twice) to see the options.

Use up/down keys to highlight file

To start download, press Alt+s.

This how to is heavily based on this one

Thanks to KMandla

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