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(Keyboard Shortcuts -Basic)
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==Keyboard Shortcuts -Basic==
==Keyboard Shortcuts -Basic==
To open Keys file - Fluxbox menu>Fluxbox>File Editing>Keys.
A very basic set up is provided.
The syntax for a keybinding is quite easy:
The syntax for a keybinding is quite easy:

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Keyboard Shortcuts -Basic

The syntax for a keybinding is quite easy:

  <mod> [<mod> <mod>] key [key key] :command <command_options>

<mod> is called a "modifier" and typing 'xmodmap -pm' in an aterm shows what modifiers are available. Typical modifiers used in the keys file are:

  Mod1    == Alt
  Mod4    == Windows key
  Control == Ctrl
  Shift   == Shift
  None    == No key

Here are a few examples:

  Control a :ExecCommand aterm   # Ctrl+a will bring up an aterm
  Mod1 4 :Workspace 4            # Alt+4 will change to workspace 4
  None F9 :ExecCommand aterm -T 'Top' -e top  # F9 will open "Top" in aterm
  Mod4 r :Exec fbrun     # Windows key+r will bring up the Fluxbox command dialog
  Mod1 k :KillWindow      # Alt+k kills the focused window
  Mod4 f :Exec firefox           # Windows key+f opens firefox

A basic, common command is ExecCommand, or Exec. You can execute apps, scripts (take care of $PATH), and set things via 'xset.'

For more detail and other options see the excellent fluxbox-wiki

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