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Edit Fluxbox Menu

antiX comes with a customised fluxbox menu. You may wish to change it to suit your own needs or simply to add new apps to the menu. antiX has tried to make this a fairly straightforward task. Save a backup copy of the menu file, just in case.

Open the antiX control centre -> Edit Fluxbox Settings -> Menu

 # This is the default configured menu file for antiX
 # To edit this file, see "How to edit the menu" in the fluxbox-TIPS file in Documents.
 # Or the excellent Fluxbox-wiki: http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php/Fluxbox-wiki
 [begin] (---antiX---)
 # Automatically generated configured file for antiX
          [exec] (Terminal) {aterm -tr -trsb +sb -sl 3000 -fg white -T 'antiX'}
          [exec] (Browser) {firefox}
          [exec] (Files) {rox}
          [exec] (Email) {sylpheed-claws-gtk2}
     [submenu] (Office)   
       [submenu] (Editors)
          [exec] (AbiWord) {abiword}
          [exec] (Kword) {kword} 
          [exec] (Nano) {aterm -T "Nano" -e nano}
          [exec] (Scite) {scite}
          [exec] (Leafpad) {leafpad}
       [submenu] (Viewers)
          [exec] (Gqview) {gqview}
          [exec] (Camstream) {camstream}
          [exec] (Xpdf) {xpdf}
          [exec] (Xzgv) {xzgv}
          [exec] (Xfi Image Viewer) {xfileimage}

is a sample of antiX's fluxbox menu.

The basic syntax is:

 [tag] (label or filename) {command or filename} <icon filename>
 Which basically translates as:
 [Instruction] (chosen app/file name) {command to run the app/file} <path to icons of the app>

Examples from the sample, which will run an app.

 [exec] (AbiWord) {abiword}
 [exec] (Email) {sylpheed-claws-gtk2}

There are other 'tags', such as the 'submenu and end' tags which divide the menu into sections.

For example, from our sample, 'Office' is sub-divided into 'Editors' and 'Viewers' and both 'Editors' and 'Viewers' have a list of apps than can be launched.

Another 'tag' shown in the sample is 'separator.' This simply separates the menu entries with a line.

For more detailed information about menu options in fluxbox, see the excellent fluxbox-wiki

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