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Tabbed Windows

Fluxbox is able to tab windows, just like tabbed browsing in Mozilla browsers. This can be a great way of saving space, organising windows, and it's a great feature to show off to your GNOME or KDE friends. These tabs are integrated into the titlebar of a program and are very easy to work with.

To tab one program with another, use your middle mouse button (left and right mouse buttons together if you don't have one) on the titlebar and drag it onto the window you want to have the program tabbed with. It should automatically tab them together and you can choose either one by clicking on it as you would in Mozilla. To untab a program, middle click it's title and drag it away, making sure it is not over any other apps.


Open a terminal and rox-filer in the same window.

Using the middle mouse button, drag the title bar of rox-filer to the title bar of the terminal, and release.

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