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Update Fluxbox menu

As from antiX-M8.5 the fluxbox menu can be auto-updated once an application has been downloaded.

Menu -> Settings -> Fluxbox Settings -> Auto Update Menu

Wait a few seconds, then

Menu -> Settings -> Fluxbox Settings -> Restart

and the new app should appear in the menu under Applications.

(Old method)

If you have added/removed lots of apps and you cannot remember which this is an easy way to get a full fluxbox menu. Beware this will alter the customised antiX fluxbox menu to the standard fluxbox menu and remove the MEPIS Utilities from the menu.

Open fluxbox menu>Fluxbox>File Editing>Init

You should have a line that says:

 session.menuFile:   ~/.fluxbox/menu

Change it to:

 session.menuFile:   ~/.fluxbox/fluxbox-menu

and type in a terminal:


Click, 'Reconfigure' in fluxbox menu and the menu should change (if not you need to restartX)

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