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Welcome to antiX.

About antiX

antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install systemd-free linux live CD distribution based on Debian Stable for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. antiX offers users the "antiX Magic" in an environment suitable for old and new computers. So don't throw away that old computer yet! The goal of antiX is to provide a light, but fully functional and flexible free operating system for both newcomers and experienced users of Linux. It should run on most computers, ranging from 256MB old PIII systems with pre-configured swap to the latest powerful boxes. 256MB RAM is recommended minimum for antiX. The installer needs minimum 2.7GB hard disk size. antiX can also be used as a fast-booting rescue cd. Special XFCE editions made in collaboration with the MEPIS Community called MX-15 "Fusion" (released 24 December 2015) and MX-14 "Symbiosis" (released March 24, 2014) are also available. antiX MX series has a separate development schedule to antiX.

At the moment antiX-16.2 "Berta Cáceres" comes as a full distro (c695MB), a base distro (c510MB) and a core-libre distro (c190MB) for 32 bit and 64 bit computers. For those who wish to have total control over the install, use antiX-core and build up.

Present released antiX-16.2 versions, 16 June 2017: isos and md5sum files available 'Berta Cáceres'

To get a taste of antiX-16, watch the video by dolphin_oracle:

Useful documentation:antiX-FAQ Live boot menu options Detailed guide to antiX-live MX/antiX wiki MX Users Manual

Donate: If you would like to help out with the development of antiX by donating money, go here.

MX-16.1 "Metamorphosis" editions released on 8 June 2017 can be downloaded from here:


This wiki has had new account creation disabled due to spam. If you wish to have an account on this wiki so you can add or update content you will be required to visit the antiX forum so an account can be made for you.

Old News


Website here:

New forum here:

Please use the new forums and website from now on.

anticapitalista, 20 October 2017, Thessaloniki

antiX-17 released

A very quick announcement for now, just to let you all know that antiX-17 “Heather Heyer” is now available.

Get the various iso files from here for now.

A full announcement will follow.


Please use the new website and forum.

anticapitalista, 25 October 2017, Thessaloniki



Please seed torrents once you have downloaded antiX or MX. Thanks.


32 bit:

64 bit:




In Europe:

MX-16 All download-links


You may want to make some changes to the sources.list files to get a location closer to where you are.

antiX-17 - edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/antix.list

Ecuador, South America

 deb stretch main nosystemd  

California, USA

 deb stretch main nosystemd 

The Netherlands, Europe

 deb stretch main nosystemd 

Crete, Greece, Europe

 deb stretch main nosystemd 

Taiwan, Asia

 deb stretch main stretch nosystemd


antiX video guides by runwiththedolphin


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Make a live-USB with persistence!

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Introducing antiX-16

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What's New!

1-to-1 assistance

1-to-1 Voice

Find and Mount Network Shares (includes updated connectshares info)

Personal Menu & Menu Manager


Installing antiX-13

Set up wireless with wicd

Customise the desktop

Browsing and Mounting Samba/Windows shares

antiX and Netflix

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antiX and SpaceFM

Installing AntiX 13.2

AntiX 13 upgrade to Antix 13.2

Antix 13 - How to Install Updates


Video review of antiX-13

Como Instalar AntiX 13 Full


sneekylinux video

Video review of antiX-13-beta1

Not a video, but a review article of Best-Linux-For-Old-Computer

Quick Tips

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