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antix 15 beta 3 "bugs" and comments.

1. menu manager disappears from the personal menu once used. ***ok, still available in control center and preferences*** OK

2. no synaptic launcher in menu OK

3. like the new default wallpaper and lighter theme. and the icon set. OK

4. there have been reports of an ext4 filesystem corruption problem in the 4.0.0 kernel series. looks like mostly effects raid/ext4 setups. Don't know if that affects antix or not. FIXED WITH NEW KERNEL

5. not sure about some of the apps being launched from the tools and cli area in control center. not really the point of a "control center", but it does highlight the apps existence. OK

6. firefox in meta-package installer pulls from mepiscr testrepo but that repo is no longer defined in mepis.list (there is no mepis.list). bm file needs redone once new repos are set. FIXED

7. thunderbird (same as 6. firefox) FIXED

8. libdvdcss2 and w32codecs installation fails from the metapackage installer. might be an authentication problem with pgp keys for deb-multimedia. btw, libdvdcss2 is now available in the default debian repos. (adobe reader has same problem.) **this can be fixed by installing deb-multimedia-keyring by default.** FIXED

9. ***nevermind, answered my own question***

10. wingrid keys defined in the window manager key files, but wingrid itself is not installed. FIXED

11. there is an equalizer in the control center, but it doesn't seem to actually modify the sound output. there is likely a asound.conf file missing from /etc to link the equalizer to hardware. TODO

12. persist-save seems to be working as expected, but I found this: FIXED

var/log/live/persist-save.log Code: Select all

   persist-config started: 2015-06-01 23:21:29
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 144: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 146: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 147: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 148: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 149: [: -le: unary operator expected
   AUTOSAVE_MODE=2 Semi-Automatic
   running perist-save( )
   persist-config started: 2015-06-02 12:41:45
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 144: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 146: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 147: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 148: local: can only be used in a function
   /usr/local/bin/persist-config: line 149: [: -le: unary operator expected
   AUTOSAVE_MODE=2 Semi-Automatic
   running perist-save( )

13. controlCentre bugs / issues: longstanding bugs remain for "keyboard switcher" and "mouse acceleration" -- displaying hardcoded values each time dialogbox is opened. FIXED

cc --} preferred applications --} "set default applications" dialogbox opening dimensions should declare a wider width. As is, user needs to immediately resize in order to read button text. FIXED

cc --} Network --} "connect shares" clicking yields a dialogbox stating error ("incomplete configuration for remote system name or address") FIXED

Same as reported against earlier build, the default gtk theme is not displaying borders for tickbox inputs. I tested using 2 different PCs (diff monitors, diff graphics cards) and see GRAY-ON-GRAY. FIXED

14. bug ...or I'm just clueless? live session, dynamic root persistence, boot to runlevel 3 I cannot figure out how to shutdown cleanly. "persist-autosave" winds up being invoked during shutdown, throws an error "can only be used in a function" and the system never proceeds to powerdown. It just acts hung. - FIXED

15. /live/aufs-ram/.wh..wh.plnk contains a 1.2Mb file named "807.24841", dated 31 May, 2015 (prior to iso release date) persist-save is apparently not ignoring/excluding the plnk directory, as previously discussed (or was I dreaming?) The file has persisted across boots. - FIXED

16. launch "rox-filer" as root (or as "demo", same result) Some icon imagefiles are missing? Note the "red Xs" shown in place of the various toobar icons CANNOT SEE THIS

17. antixControlCentre --} Live --} "Save root persistence" - CHECK

If booted with "toram" option, it's possible to remove the pendrive (boot device, and pdev). Why might user choose to do so? One reason would be "for safety" (ala "Tails linux") The persist-save script is elegant enough to handle "drive with UUID xxxx has been removed, please mount it and try again". Problem: After re-attaching and mounting the pendrive... upon retrying "Save root persistence" the result is a never-ending yad progress dialog stating "Checking for existing files and Checking if there is enough room"


   persist-save started: 2015-06-02 19:31:25
   Using device �[0;35m/dev/sdd1�[0;39m with UUID �[0;35m85C8-804D�[0;39m
   Storing volume settings
   Device �[0;32m/dev/sdd1�[0;39m was already mounted at �[0;32m/media/USB32NEW�[0;39m. Bind mounting at �[0;32m/live/boot-dev�[0;39m
   mounted �[0;32m/live/boot-dev/antiX/rootfs�[0;39m at �[0;32m/live/persist-root�[0;39m.
   awk: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ cannot read file data: Input/output error
   df: write error: Broken pipe
   awk: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ cannot read file data: Input/output error
   df: write error: Broken pipe
   awk: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ cannot read file data: Input/output error
   df: write error: Broken pipe
   /usr/local/bin/persist-save: line 93: * 90 / 100 : syntax error: operand expected (error token is "* 90 / 100 ")
   �[0;35mCleaning up ...�[0;39m
   umounting �[0;32m/live/persist-root�[0;39m
   umounting �[0;32m/live/boot-dev�[0;39m
   Removing lockfile �[0;32m/live/config/locked�[0;39m

edited to add: If toram is only intended for (and will only be supported for) boot-from-CD, so be it... ...but at least this time 'round, unlike in prior builds, antix live session is allowing me to unmount the pendrive. (Previously, persist-save a file lock on the mounted drive? It does not currently do so, otherwise checking "remasterable" instead?)

etc/desktop-session/startup calls /usr/local/bin/toram-eject but I've never seen any "toram-eject" notifications/dialogs/errors

18. FWIW ( ref: /usr/share/antiX/FAQ/smxi.html ) - TO DO ALL DOCS

   root@antiX1:~# smxi
   Information: Starting smxi with: sudo su -
   Error No: (6) Your distro could not be identified by smxi.
   If it is a Debian derived distro which should be supported, please let the script author
   know how to identify it so it can be supported in the future.
   smxi cannot continue. Exiting now.

19. also FWIW used maxcpus=12 boot parameter, but kernel still doesn't recognize all availability of all cores for i7 3930K - CANNOT FIX?

20. More of a notice / note for myself.(Dave) Selecting random wallpaper timed and restarting / changing sessions causes desktop-session to hang in startup.

21. consider displaying labeltext "system monitor (Conky)" instead of just "system monitor" which seems a bit too vague. FIXED

22. rocking-urxvt-with-style-t5048.html CHECK

{surprised} In this build, I can't find "urxvt" exposed anywhere in the menu, nor in controlCentre --} Tools

23. boot menu - FIXED? FALSE FLAG?

FYI, choosing "1600x1200" or "1600x1200*" via F7 leads to an error message "unknown video mode. Choose... or press space to continue"

24. This post is about identifying "seemingly unnecessary bloat" in the build. From checking /live/linux path, it seems to me the build process could/should withhold the following from the squashfs: /var/cache/man/* 1.2Mb - FIXED

/var/cache/apt-show-versions/* 9.6Mb (regenerated each time "apt update" is performed) -CHECK

Also, instead of "fonts-dejavu" (metapackage), perhaps package "fonts-dejavu-core" would suffice. The metapackage pulls in "fonts-dejavu-extra" @6.5Mb - NO CHANGE

25. This post is is to suggest adding helplinks to reach preinstalled documentation which is (AFAICT) currently not easily discoverable. TODO

Links to the following (extensive) preinstalled docs could be added to /usr/share/antiX/FAQ/icewm.html#_links file:///usr/share/doc/icewm-common/FAQ/IceWM-FAQ.html/ could be (should be) linked from file:///usr/share/antiX/FAQ/index.html file:///usr/share/doc/streamtuner2/help/html/index.html/ ('should' because it is NOT accessible via the program's GUI ~~ it's "Documentation" button does nothing) Links to the following preinstalled docs could (should?) be added into /usr/share/antiX/FAQ/conky.html#_links (note: these lack hyperlinked navigation between each other) file:///usr/share/doc/conky-std/docs.html file:///usr/share/doc/conky-std/config_settings.html file:///usr/share/doc/conky-std/variables.html also I suggest adding the following to the head (or foot) of /etc/skel/.conkrc (discoverable when controlCenter --} desktop (tab) --} Edit System Monitor is used)

Code: Select all

   # for extensive conky documentation, see:
   #  /usr/share/doc/conky-std/docs.html
   #  /usr/share/doc/conky-std/config_settings.html
   #  /usr/share/doc/conky-std/variables.html

additional (uncategorized) onboard docs which I think merit linking to, from within antiX helpdocs: (Paste 'em into the foot of existing help index page, or FAQ page, under a "additional (uncategorized) onboard helpdocs" section?)

file:///usr/share/doc/nano/faq.html file:///usr/share/vim/vim74/doc/

file:///usr/share/doc/python/FAQ.html file:///usr/share/doc/fontconfig/fontconfig-user.html file:///usr/share/doc/bittorrent/FAQ.html (or file:///usr/share/doc/bittorrent/ ) file:///usr/share/doc/p7zip-full/DOCS/MANUAL/index.htm file:///usr/share/doc/menu/html/ch3.html

file:///usr/share/sane/xsane/doc/index.html file:///usr/share/doc/libsane/html/sane-mfgs.html file:///usr/share/cups/doc-root/index.html file:///usr/share/doc/printer-driver-gutenprint/FAQ.html

26. If struggling to meet target size for iso, consider omitting/nixing this: WONT FIX

Code: Select all

   # 7Mb worth of oversized png iconfiles I'll never use
   rm -Rf /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/256x256/*

27. desktop menu --} Applications --} Preferences --} Add Menu Item - FIXED, FALSE FLAG?

For repeated testing, its more easily launched via Alt+F2 "add-desktop" {no quotes} I'm not having much success using this. Seems like anything I've tried adding into "Personal" fails. If I choose "Utility" as the category, it silently fails. When I forget to choose an icon, it silently fails. User is left guessing whether the "Filename" field exists in case you want/need to pass args on the commandline and that those args shouldn't be included in the "Item command" field. the default app for mimetype inode/directory is either not set or set to open files in a web browser. this makes things like "show in folder" type links in the web browser open the files in a browser tab instead of a filemanager as expected. this works to set the default launcher to spacefm.

28. xdg-mime default spacefm.desktop inode/directory CHECK

if run as a user, it changes only for that user, setting up a custom entry in ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list

29. TODO list:(goantix) -Fix ext4 corruption issue - FIXED (with .05 kernel)?

-Add support to Grub for btrfs filesystem(or replace current version of grub installer with a newer one)- WORKS OK ON MY BOX

-Improve both installers - LONG TERM

-Investigate the cause of graphical glitch "?"

Let me if somehow i can help with antiX 15 development. With kind regards, goantiX.

30. metapackage-installer: FIXED

the network>samba line does not actually install samba. the bm file needs modified to include samba (and depends if necessary).

31. Re: IceWM Applet Monitors - FIXED, NO ISSUE?

Previously reported and remains unaddressed post40285.html#p40285

32. Unpredicatble beaviour of network setup and conky MOSTLY FIXED

Previously reported and remains unaddressed post39696.html#p39696 This has been outsanding since antiX-14R-a4-a5 patch -FIXED

This is either started automatically or not started at all depending on the desktop that is used. When it is started, it can be closed via the quit option (right click on icon). Once it is closed, or when it has not been started, there is no way to invoke it from the menu. A .desktop launcher will complement the utility and make it easier for a user to control.

34. /usr/local/bin/persist-save -FIXED

Semi-automatic mode is offered, and is used, because the user may sometimes/often wish the session changes to NOT persist. Currently, the script forces the user to wait while it performs checks... prior to offering an opportunity to choose "no". I've modded my installed copy of the script so that it accommodates "no" w/o unnecessary wait ~~ without ill side effects (AFAIK). If this change isn't safe/wise, please lemme know. If you agree that it is safe, please consider adding this early noisy_yes_no_box to the distributed script.

Code: Select all

   . . .
       start_logging   {------- LINE 40 ----------
       noisy_yes_no_box                              \
           "$(gt "Shall we begin?")"                 \
           || vexit "Stopping at user's request"
       trap clean_up EXIT

The text "Shall we begin" displays in a dialogbox titled "antiX Save Peresistent Root". Perhaps a bit terse, but it should suffice, and avoids the introduction of yet-another translatable string (same string is already used elsewher in the script).

35. Clock in Taskbar IceWM - IS ONLY SAMK IS SEEING THIS?

Booted live with persistence When the bootup completes the clock is frozen at +1 hour ahead of local time. It remains in this frozen state (no increments for minutes) until IceWM is restarted via menu-->Logout-->Restart IceWM Wheh the restart of the WM has completed the fault is corrected,the clock is synchronised to the correct local time and advances in the expected manner.

36. TAGGED: low priority, until an updated version of the iso-snapshot package is released FOR THE FUTURE

The iso-snapshot package ships (installs) /usr/local/share/excludes/iso-snapshot-exclude.list problem: Because the "conffiles" section of the .deb packagefile does not specify it as a configuration file, the installed copy is not preserved when the package is upgraded or reinstalled. Ouch ~~ user's customized exclude file winds up deleted (or overwritten). How many (few) users will actually bother to edit that file... is beside the point. Even if iso-snapshot-exclude.list becomes recognized as a "conffile", is it reasonable to hope / expect (ASS+U+ME) that the installed copy will survive, undisturbed, in all apt operations other than "purge"? Above, I mentioned iso-snapshot-exclude.list as an example. ALL of the various *-exclude.list files (snapshot, remaster) are similarly "at risk". A workaround (if not a full "solution") could be achieved by packaging *-exclude.list_ORIG . At runtime, if a script's expected ".list" is file is absent, create it on-the-fly by renaming the "_ORIG" file. When an expected *-exclude.list file _is_ present, AND a same-named _ORIG file is present, the script would recognize that scenario as a "first-run, following package upgrade" situation and proceed accordingly. Merge (append) _ORIG content into .list, then delete _ORIG ~~ not ideal, but that's the best automated way I've envisioned to handle this. (result: The scripts already perform sort -u when parsing the lists; redundant entries won't "break" anything... ...and the content of users' existing customized/commented lists are preserved. Manually paring reduntant entries would be a quick, infrequent chore.)

37. (yeah, nitpicking. I'll understand if this report is ignored.) - LEAVE FOR NOW

some .gitignore files got copied into the iso. /usr/src/linux-headers-4.0.0-antix.1-486-smp/... /usr/share/themes/Mediterranean...

These can be targeted in delete-files.list during build process. Python will auto-regenerate these at runtime, as needed. /usr/share/system-config-printer/*.pyc /usr/share/system-config-printer/troubleshoot/*.pyc /usr/share/streamtuner2/channels/*.pyc /usr/lib/python3.4/email/__pycache__/*.pyc /usr/share/hplip/ui4/*.pyc /usr/share/hplip/fax/*.pyc /usr/share/hplip/base/*.pyc /usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/*.pyc This isn't a comprehensive list of *.pyc paths, just a selective hitlist (comprising @2.5Mb of binary files which can be omitted safely).

38. tested from a non-persistent session FIXED

   root@antiX1:/home/demo# locate .debi

^---------- Note: during default non-persistent session, most of these files do not actually exist.

In order for the iso to ship an accurate mlocate database, updatedb needs to be called LATE in the build process.

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