Using liveusb with persistence

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Using liveusb with persistence

  • The default grub menu has homefs and rootfs set as persistent on a separate partition.(sdc2 default). Only one should be used. If both are used, then rootfs overrides.
  • rootfs is very powerful as all root changes and user changes are saved so users can install whatever they like, as long as the partitions are large enough.
  • homefs should be used for simply customising the user look, saving files etc to /home/demo.

1. Install antiX.iso to usb [antix2usb]

2. On usblive boot, use the correct rootfs or homefs cheatcode to boot into the desktop. Make your changes.

3. Reboot with the correct rootfs or homefs cheatcode to your saved/changed desktop.

4. Users can, if they wish, install their own 'remastered' live usb to hard drive and all changes should be kept! (I think changes to home get overwritten though)


  • Fresh liveusb boot with rootfs cheat
  • Install lxde via the meta-installer
  • Reboot with rootfs cheat and desktop=lxde cheat to see if all is ok. If it is, install to hard drive.
  • Boot into an antiX-lxde desktop on hard drive!
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